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Monday , December 8 , 2008



So...I'm back with a meagre offering of peace. I have been what the french call "Majorly fucked over by circumstances" lately... and also a lil bit lazy, hence the lack of comic goodness. The few times I've had to get a comic done during the last couple of weeks, I've been that tired and uninterested that I just couldn't be bothered to tell you the truth.

Today's update is far from amazing, and also as anyone who has read through this archive would know, contains no new artwork to speak of, but I figured something was better than nothing.

I'm hoping that some time in the near future life will settle down and sort itself out enough that I have the time and energy to put into the comic that it deserves, but as it stands I'll just do what I can when I can manage it. I hope you guys understand.

Take care, and I hope the lead up to Christmas is treating you well.

Feel free to email me or whatever.


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