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So for anyone who has found their way this far into the bowels of the Last Stop Before Hell, I suppose you must be wondering exactly what this whole thing is about. To put it simply the Last Stop Before Hell is a place of magic, wonder and moderate dispersal of sarcasm. I use this little corner of 'The Web' to vent my random ideas, thoughts and notions in the spectacular form of webcomic-goodness. It is the creative outlet for some of my more...sporadic...personality quirks that only a webcomic could make seem like entertainment for the masses.

The Comic:

I believe that the easiest way to describe Last Stop Before Hell would be that it is a 'hideous montage of humiliation and shame' (obligatory homage to Invader Zim? *check*). It is based around the two main characters that you would have, by now, no doubt met, Claudia and Pryce. These two are pretty much just your typical University students, trying to make their way in the world without completely melting down from studious overload, and shirking as much work as possible. It follows a general storyline, with characters and events being added to along the way. It is comprised mostly of random once off or few strip jokes, but now and then will develop a semi-storyline when The Author happens to feel like it. Speaking of The Author...

The Author:

As you would have noticed from the Copyright information strewn haphazardly around the website (Pfft yeah right, who takes notice of Copyright information these days?) I go by the name Paradox. I use this pseudonym to seem aloof and cool. I'm not completely sure it's working yet. I'm an Australian, which will explain some of the humour used in this strip, and some of the inside jokes that only Aussies will understand. I have done some other webcomic work beforehand, but mainly just for family & friends and to keep myself from going insane in lectures, so I'm not a complete novice. However this is my first foray into distribution to the masses.

I'd love feedback from anyone who likes the comic, and even from those with constructive criticism. I can't promise that I will put all suggestions into practise, but I will at least take it them consideration. To contact me hit the "Contact" link on the top of any page, the sign-off at the bottom of any Newspost or alternatively email me at: